Our names are Jess, Emily and Abi. We are three neurodivergent sisters, trying to navigate a world that isn’t built for us.

Our goal to spread information and awareness, to open up a conversation about neurodiversity that will make life easier for everyone. We know a lot about autism, our autism, the ways it helps us, hinders us, affects our families, our jobs, our relationships, our day to day lives. We want to talk about it… and if we play our cards right, you’ll start talking about it too. Because it might affect you more than you realise.

Autistic people are people, no more and no less. And we deserve a world that works our way.


Jess Owen

  • – Wyrd Sister No.1
  • – Autistic 
  • – Formally diagnosed as autistic at the age of 25

Emily Owen

  • – Wyrd Sister No.2
  • – Autistic
  • – Put on the autism assessment waiting list at 2, then removed
  • – Re-referred at 25

Abi Owen

  • Wyrd Sister No.3
  • – Autistic and ADHD
  • – Diagnosed with ADHD in 2021
  • – On a waiting list for AuDHD