Emily Owen

Emily is 26 years old. She was put on the autism assessment waiting list at 2 before being removed, and was re-referred at the age of 25.

  • 10 practices to make your workplace neurodiverse friendly

    10 Practices to make your workplace neurodiverse friendly

    When considering accessibility at work, many people jump to the conclusion that you need to make large scale changes to accommodate neurodiverse employees. But the reality is just a few small changes are often all that are needed. 

    And these changes don’t necessarily benefit neurodiverse workers either; most people at work will benefit from these policies in place.

    Below are 10 workplace policies you can implement to accommodate for neurodiverse employees:

    1. Establish a person’s preferred way of communication (and respect it)
    2. Only book meetings if they are necessary
    3. Edit emails so they don’t include unnecessary info, and format them
    4. Keep your meetings short, or schedule breaks
    5. Book in meetings as early as possible
    6. Send an agenda for meetings before hand (including any roles people will need to take on during the meeting) 
    7. Allow people to have their cameras off  
    8. Set reminders for meetings close to the time (10 mins before) 
    9. Clearly assign tasks to people 
    10. Allow stimming on internal calls 

    Many of these changes will benefit everyone; nobody will complain that they clearly knew what the meeting was going to be about!